Origami USA convention - New York 2006


A convention is nothing without people.
I met many paperfolders, sorry if some of the pictures
were not good. I had many interesting discussions,
folding... and so much fun.
Hospitality ans sweetness were incredible.
Many, many thanks to everybody.

the hospitality room

folding the pram:
???, Marc, Brian, ???


Vishakha, Roberto, Alessandra

Becky, Ravi

"would you like a Colombian man"
Jose' ..... trapped!!!

Paolo and Ann:

OUSA board and Italian guests
unforgettable moments at the banquet

near Boston: Roberto, Paolo, Jan,
Sok, Kioko and her husband.

"East meets West and Italy":
party at Tricia's home

the magician

korean food:
Paolo, Jan, Sok and Roberto
ragazzacci golosastri!!!!

on the way to the Fold 'n Feed meeting
thanks, Mark and Arlene

apple strudel!!!

instant of happiness

Ravi and his wife

the backyard at Mark's and Arlene home.
100 folders signed in!!!!

just before leaving.. sniff...

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