Origami USA convention - New York 2006


After the convention, we did a trip to Origamido.
Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander gave us a
beautiful time, teaching us how to make paper,
folding together, showing masterpieces and...
having dinner together! WOW!

look the car plate!

Michael explaining how he did
the giant paper shell

one of the last impressive creations:
a scaled crocodile

looking at some Kamiya's creations..

a new entry: the pram

Michael's orchid

Joisel's pangolin
Origamido is an origami museum!!!!

...where you can find some strange people...

but now let's do some paper!
Richard mix the pulp..

then go fish the pulp from water...

remove the frame in order to be able to ...

... push down the pulp,
ready to become paper!

and here is the result. repeat twice and
you have bicoloured paper!

... some methyl cellulose may help...

remove eccess water...

et voila'!! paper is ready to be dried!

after all this work, chef Michael
cooked some lobster for dinner..

and then back to new york...

thanks, Jan.

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