Some origami I folded. By clicking on each image you can get a larger one.

Diagrams for origami can be found either on books or on the net. A couple of very good starting points are the pages of the CDO (Italian origami association) and the site of Joseph Wu. In both places you can find instructions for a lot of models and links to other interesting places.

Have also a look at an origami exhibition organized by some friends of mine and myself.

I belong to "le 7 pieghe", a local origami group.

Swan, the author is John French. Why in first position? "Per la sua bellezza." 
ILE: the first model I have created, in date 20/2/1998 (except the stem, which is copied by Natale Fietta). Some people thinks that it is a palm, others a street-lamp, but it is supposed to be a flower :o)

(no problem, someone else also said that the Eastern Dragon - a few pictures below - looks like a "nice squirrel"...)

Biplane by Marc Kirschenbaum.
Cobra by David Derudas.
Insects by Anibal Vojer (avispa), John Montroll (asparagus beetle), Peter Engel (scorpion), Robert J. Lang (ant), Natale Fietta (coleottero longicorne) and Alfredo Giunta (the others).
Lion and lioness by David Brill.
Pegasus by Fumiaki Kawahata. This wonderful model is for Gio`.
Eastern Dragon, by Joseph Wu.
Very complex insects by Robert J. Lang: praying mantis, butterfly (with some errors in legs and body), dragonfly. 
Some modular origami by David Brill (true woven dodecahedron and double star flexicube) and Luisa Canovi (platonic solids).
Some other modular origami built with Tom Hull's Pentagon-Hexagon Zig-Zag units: "large soccer ball" (120 units - each hexagon touches 2 pentagons and 4 hexagons), soccer ball (90 units), dodecahedron (30 units), cube (12 units).
"Cerchio arcobaleno (rainbow circle)" - a torus built with 555 Tom Hull's Pentagon-Hexagon Zig-Zag units: folded after having seen a photo of a torus of Tom and (more importantly) having received some suggestions from him about how to fold it. Click here for a view of the pattern. Thank you very much, Tom!

Do you want to know more about tori? Follow this link and you will arrive to another Tom's page.. and good surf!!

Also Rosalinda Sanchez folded one of them.. among other beatiful models!! Have a look at her pages!

Elephant & stegosaurus by John Montroll.
Some objects by David Brill: matchbox, box & lid and books.
Mini Zoo safari by John Montroll.
Triceratops Skeleton by Issei Yoshino, 19 pieces.

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