Origami Deutschland convention
Brannenburg 2005


folding flowers

folgin flowers again...

teaching flowers

the MOST wanted!!! :-)

we were in a beautiful place...

with a beautiful view

... surrounded by mountains

... and flowers

_before_ the turtle :-)

_before_ the turtle again...

_before_... :-PPP

another _before_

suddenly some sheep appear..

and finally.. _after_ the turtle!

_after_ again..

... it was a long way...

... and I hope you enjoy it!

the turtlers!

rg and Ralf Konrad

Martine and Fabien Griessel, and Carmen Sprung
trying to work out a Shen creation

ready for an eiscaffee?



like a walking Rosetta Stone:
english, german and bavarian..
in a few thousand years will be a key
document to understand European languages!

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