Acquisition of a speech database over the telephone network

B. Angelini, D. Falavigna, R. Gretter

Istituto per la Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica, 38050 Povo di Trento (Italy)

Tech. Rep. - Ref. No. 9703-01 - March 1997


The description of a speech database collected over the telephone by means of an automatic calling system is described. Particular care has been posed in the geographical coverage of the speakers.

Both task-dependent and task-independent material has been collected, in order to build respectively a recognition system for connected digits and to provide a starting point for vocabulary-independent systems.

All the speech material has been manually transcribed, including spontaneous speech phenomena (breaths, coughs, laughs, hesitations) and acoustically relevant noises.

paper (file postscript, 97 kByte)