Speaker Independent Continuous Speech Recognition Using an Acoustic-Phonetic Italian Corpus

Bianca Angelini, Fabio Brugnara, Daniele Falavigna, Diego Giuliani, Roberto Gretter and Maurizio Omologo

Proceedings of ICSLP 94, Yokohama, Japan, 1994


The objective of this paper is to describe the activity that is being carried out at IRST laboratories for the development of an HMM-based speaker independent continuous speech recognition system for the Italian language. The recognition system is trained and tested using the acoustic-phonetic continuous speech portion of the APASCI corpus. Acoustic modeling is based on the use of Continuous Density HMMs with gaussian mixture observation densities. As a baseline, a set of 38 Context Independent Units was evaluated using different numbers of mixture components. Then, two other classes of Context Dependent Unit sets were considered, that provide different performance and system complexity. Performance, expressed in terms of Phone loop recognition accuracy and Word loop recognition accuracy, shows an improvement using both of these classes of unit sets, with respect to the baseline.

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