First steps toward an adaptive spoken dialogue system in medical domain

Ivano Azzini(+), Daniele Falavigna(*), Roberto Gretter(*), Giordano Lanzola(+), Marco Orlandi(*)

(+) Dipartimento di Informatica e Sistemistica, Universita` di Pavia, Pavia Italy.

(*) ITC-irst - 38050 Pante` di Povo, Trento, Italy


Aalborg, Denmark, September 2001

IRST Tech. Rep. No. 0104-21


Recently ITC-irst (Interactive Sensory System division) and University of Pavia (Medical Informatics Labs) are working together to realize an intelligent (adaptive) dialogue system with language understanding capabilities. In this framework, some telemedicine services able to handle multimodal interactions (i.e. input/output can be provided by both voice and/or other devices such as: keyboard, mouse, etc ...) are going to be investigated and developed. Although the system is placed in medical domains, the basic concepts can be transferred towards other applications. In this papers we define the problem, explain the basic ideas, some theoretical foundation and report the early steps we have done to achieve the goal.

paper (file postscript, 89 kByte)