Application of the ITC-irst spoken dialog system in a medical domain

Azzini I., Giorgino T., Falavigna D., Gretter R.

TSD 2002 - Fifth International Conference on Test, Speech and Dialogue

Brno, Czech Republic, 9-12 September 2002


Abstract: The paper describes the ITC-irst approach for handling spoken dialog interactions over the telephone network. We will specifically describe the usage of the dialog system within a tele-medicine application scenario. First, the system architecture will be summarized, then we will briefly describe our approach for evaluating confidence measures for each of the words in the "best path" provided by our recognizer. Finally, an automatic service for home monitoring of patients affected by hypertension pathology will be described. Patients must periodically introduce data into a database containing their personal medical data. The collected data are managed, according to well established medical guidelines, by an automatic system that can suggest therapies or alert doctors.

IRST Tech. Rep. No. 0204-06

paper (file postscript, 129 kByte)