Some Improvements on the IRST Mixed Initiative Dialogue Technology.

Cristina Barbero, Daniele Falavigna, Roberto Gretter, Marco Orlandi, Emanuele Pianta

TSD 2000 - Third International Workshop on TEXT, SPEECH and DIALOGUE

Brno, Czech Republic, 13-16 September 2000


The paper describes the ITC-irst approach for handling spoken dialogue interactions over the telephone network. Barge-in and utterance verification capabilities are going to be introduced into the developed software architecture. Some research activities that should enable accessing information in a new large applicative domain (i.e. the tourism domain) have been started. Objectives of the research are: language model adaptation and efficient information presentation, using a mixed representation approach. The paper reports the details of the researches.

paper (file postscript, 130 kByte)