Home Monitoring of Hypertensive Patients Through Intelligent Dialog System

Azzini I., Giorgino T., Quaglini S., Rognoni C., Stefanelli M., Falavigna D., Gretter R.

AMIA 2002 Symposium: Bio-Medical Informatics: One Discipline

San Antonio, USA, November 9-13, 2002


Abstract Abstract Recent advances in automatic speech recognition and related technologies allow the computers to carry on conversations by telephone. We based on the knowledge represented in a widely accepted guideline for the care of hypertension to develop a system that allows physicians to manage a complete medical record for hypertensive patients. The care delivery professional can enter, manipulate and review the record through a conventional GUI. Patients are allowed to dial a toll-free number and enter a subset of the data by themselves. They interact with an automatic speech recognition and synthetisation engine whose behavior is determined by an intelligent agent based on their condition and treatments, which are stored in the database. The aim of the dialog is to allow patients to efficiently enter the data that need more frequent monitoring, such as blood pressure values and habits. The dialog system is flexible towards a user-friendly and adaptive interaction.

IRST Tech. Rep. No. 0204-05

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