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VOX project - call center

This project aims at developing two systems, in automotive and call-center
scenarios. This page is related to the call-center branch, in which the development of a dialogue system for telephone applications will be addressed. Preliminaries were:
date description
2/3/1998 Meeting at IRST to specify natural dialog characteristics. A first VOX report (Word document) was produced (11/3/98). An IRST reply (postscript) was prepared and sent (24/3/1998).
6/4/1998 Meeting at IRST for the refinement of the proposal. A first gantt (Word document) was defined.
12/5/1998 They informally accept the proposal. (625.000.000 lit + IVA, concerning DITELO and SHINE - fifty fifty? - 18 months duration). The amount for this year - 6 months - can be considered 1/6 of the total, i.e about 104.000.000 lit + IVA.
29/5/1998 Detailed preparation of a proposal and a contract. A copy of the technical details are here (Word document).
9/7/1998 After an IRST meeting (12/6/1998) some contact was carried out in order to define legal aspects. Another part of the contract is here (Word document).
12/8/1998 The contract has been signed.
Financial aspects: For the call-center part, Atlantis-Vox has to pay ITC-irst a total amount of 375,000,000 Lit (312,500,000 +IVA 20%), divided into 3 tranches:
amount (IVA included)
scheduled date
facturation date
paid date
sep 1, 1998
sep 12, 1998
nov 4, 1998
jun 1, 1999
 jun 7, 1999
 mar 22, 2001
mar 1, 2000
jul 3, 2001
sep, 2001??
Data for the ITC-irst project management are here. Important dates:
date description
1/9/1998 Start date of the project (and first meeting in Alceo, Venice).
6/10/1998 Kick off meeting at Irst.
30/11/1998 First deliverable done (tgz archive for software definition, containing documents written in word, in postscript, in html; word document for hardware and task definition). A textual version of the main part of the documents are here, for software and hardware + task.
1/2/1999 Sent the application builder (tgz archive). The readme file is here.
12/2/1999 Sent a preliminary version of spinet (about 4 Mbyte compressed and encrypted, password "coccodrillo") via ftp (it is the file ~gretter/succursale/fuori/vox/
8/3/1999 Sent the first version of the dialogue engine (about 300 kbyte compressed and encrypted, password "coccodrillo") via ftp (a copy in ~gretter/Succursale/support_for_dialogue/ftp).
21/4/1999 After some trial in the past days, the dialogue engine is working as a DLL under Delphi (pascal) (a copy can be found in ~gretter/Succursale/support_for_dialogue/ftp2 and ftp3).
11/5/1999 Sent a version of spinet with a ocx interface.
12/7/1999 no news from Fabrizio, who had a moto accident in may.
11/8/1999 sent an official CD to vox-alceo containing application builder, spinet/ocx, dialogue engine, telephonic units, wavesource and sepd (a total of 16.237880 megabyte). a CD copy is here, tgz file in  ~/succursale/fuori/vox/agosto99/vox.tgz. 
Another copy is in /queen0/ssi/gretter/support_for_dialogue/agosto99/vox.
9/2/2000 Sent a fax asking for payment
??/9/2000 a couple of Vox guys came in ITCirst to acquire information about the project.
10/3/2001 meeting with Saras Lab Srl
22/3/2001 payment received!!!!


1/9/1998 technical meeting at Alceo (Report1.txt)
8/9/1998 technical meeting at Irst (Report2.txt)
6/10/1998 kick-off meeting at Irst (Report3.txt) (follows a Memo3.txt)
21/10/1998 technical meeting at Alceo (Report4.txt)
11/11/1998 technical meeting at Irst (Report5.txt)
29/4/1999 technical meeting at Irst (Report6.txt)
6/10/1999 memo for tomorrow's meeting (Memo6.txt)
15/2/2000 actual situation (Memo7.txt)
13/3/2000 actual situation again ... (Memo8.txt)


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