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ATP project

This is a project aiming at the development of a proto-prototype for touristic information. Preliminaries were:
date description
19/12/1997 Final version (postscript) of a proposal for "Fondazione Caritro" about a touristic personal assistant.
17/6/1998 It seems that the proposal has been accepted.
10/9/1998 Start date of the project.
Financial aspects: For the research activity on telephone, Fondazione Caritro had to pay ITC-irst a total amount of 125,000,000 Lit (no IVA), divided into some tranches (30% september 1998, 70% in 1999). Instead, a redistribution of activities led to a total amount of 200,000,000 Lit, paid in one tranche in date 30-31/12/1998:
scheduled date
facturation date
paid date
 200,000,000 M
sep ??, 1998

Important dates:
date description
10/9/1998 Start date of the project.
1/10/1998 Kick off meeting.
3/2/1999 Document about Call Center state-of-the-art.
25/3/1999 Document about Scenario applicativo e prima versione del prototipo
30/6/1999 Document about Stato di Avanzamento del Progetto
1/9/1999 Cristina!!
31/10/1999 completamento demo ferrovie da telefono con accesso a WEB. 

1/10/1998 kick-off meeting at Irst (Report1.txt)
7/1/1999 meeting at Irst (Report2.txt)
14/1/1999 meeting at Irst (Report3.txt)
18/1/1999 suggestions by Luciano & Elisa (Proposta1.txt)
20/1/1999 meeting at Irst (Report4.txt)
27/1/1999 meeting at Irst (Report5.txt)
3/2/1999 (morning) meeting at APT del Trentino (Report6.txt Report6bis.doc)
3/2/1999 (afternoon) meeting at Irst (Report7.txt)
16/3/1999 (afternoon) meeting at Irst (Report8.txt)
15/4/1999 (afternoon) meeting at Irst (Report9.txt)
21/6/1999 (morning) meeting at Irst (Report10.txt)
21/6/1999 (afternoon) meeting at Irst (Report11.txt)
31/10/1999 protocollo per demo ferrovie (Report12.txt)
31/1/2000 versione preliminare protocollo per dominio turistico (Report13.txt)

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