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Events related to prototypes / systems installed:
date project description
25/1/1998 CARITRO Installed in Caritro, Lavis, a new version of the Infovox system in which the IRST start-end point detector has been included.
9/3/1998 CARITRO New version installed in Caritro, Lavis, which allows flexibility in specifying names, for example "Hallo, I would like to be connected to Mr. Bean, please.".
30/3/1998 CARITRO Meeting in CARITRO, Lavis. They will extend the use of the system to 300/400 people, have confirmed their satisfaction and will pay soon. We will first show and then give them the agenda editor, including the transcriptor and the grammar builder.
??/4/1998 CARITRO The agenda editor has been delivered; the system has been extended; data are under collection.
10/4/1998 ERICSSON We decided in the past months to exchange speech data with Ericsson Eurolab. We have received 4 CDs from Ericsson, containing commands and digits in English pronounced by foreign people. Our 3 CDs containing similar speech data in Italian are under development.
??/5/1998 ERICSSON Sent our 3? CDs containing data from SPK, SPK0 and ROBOT.
11/11/1998 ELRA Prepared 5 CD containing ILE (Italian LExicon). Sent to ELRA in date 20/11.
3/12/1998 SONY Prepared TRAMORPH. Sent to SONY (both via ordinary mail and via ftp) in date 17/12.
10/2/2000 ABLA Firmato un accordo tra ITC  e Abla. Prevede delle royalties (800.000 lit per linea fino a 200) per l'uso del riconoscitore IRST, oltre a 1.000.000 lit per ogni giorno di ricercatore IRST da loro. Il primo call center da fare e` per Servizi Interbancari (servizio CartaSi`), si parla di 30/60 linee entro giugno con estensioni a 240 entro la fine dell'anno. Abla collabora con SUN e con WAYCOM.
28/2/2000 KATAWEB Conferenza stampa per annunciare la firma del contratto con Kataweb. Il contratto globale riguarda tre tecnologie: riconoscimento voce su telefono da usare con interfaccia WAP, reperimento informazioni, sviluppo di un motore di ricerca con domande in linguaggio naturale.

Contacts with external entities (possible future projects?):
date entity description
19/12/1997 FONDAZIONE 
Final version (postscript) of a proposal for "Fondazione Caritro" about a touristic personal assistant.
3/3/1998 CSELT Final version (Word document) of the report "Test di riconoscimento CSELT-IRST di cifre connesse su linea telefonica" 
4/3/1998 ISPT ISPT report (Word document) about "Italy Direct-170" evaluation: "Il riconoscitore vocale inserito nella POA ha fornito le seguenti prestazioni: ... che si ritengono accettabili per l'applicazione in cui e` stato valutato."
2/3/1998 VOX 
Meeting at IRST to specify natural dialog characteristics. A first VOX report (Word document) has been produced (11/3/98). An IRST reply (postscript) has been prepared and sent (24/3/1998).
23/3/1998 APT Feasibility study approved. We should provide APT with a market study and a proposal about a call center for touristical information (9.500.000 lit + IVA)
6-7/4/1998 APT APT presentation about their information systems (ARIA, Interned, CD-ROM, Trentino-on-line, etc.). First meeting at APT with dr. Patrizia Tartarotti.
6/4/1998 VOX 
Meeting at IRST for the refinement of the proposal. A first gantt (Word document) has been defined.
6/4/1998 ELSAG Meeting with Dr. Ceccinati about the possible integration of telephone speech recognition into an application regarding a sort of intelligent mailbox, capable of handling different type of incoming messages (fax, e-mail, voice calls) and to return them through different output channels (internet, telephone, fax). The speech recognizer could return a sort of textual interpretation of the content of a speech message. Dr. Ceccinatti will prepare a sort of proposal containing some reasonable scenario. 
4/5/1998 APT Meeting at APT with Uccia Lina. Discussions about their DB and systems, their problems, our technologies. Got some material from Dr. Tartarotti about their activity.
12/5/1998 VOX 
They informally accept the proposal. (625.000.000 lit + IVA, concerning DITELO and SHINE - fifty fifty? - 18 months duration). The amount for this year - 6 months - can be considered 1/6 of the total, i.e about 104.000.000 lit + IVA.
29/5/1998 VOX 
Detailed preparation of a proposal and a contract. A copy of the technical details are here (Word document).
??/6/1998 LUCENT Some contact with Rafid Sukkar about a possible speech data exchange. Details are here; in short nothing done. 
17/6/1998 FONDAZIONE 
It seems that the proposal has been accepted.
3/7/1998 APT First draft given in APT (8/6); second draft containing a possible architecture and some market analysis.
9/7/1998 VOX 
After an IRST meeting (12/6/1998) some contact was carried out in order to define legal aspects. Another part of the contract is here (Word document).
12/8/1998 VOX 
The contract has been signed.
??/8/1998 SONY Some contact wityh Ralph Kompe in order to sell them our morphological analyzer.
1/9/1998 VOX 
Start date of the project and first meeting in Alceo, Venice. Documentation for this project is here.
??/9/1998 ELRA Some contact with Valerie Mapelli in order to verify the possibility to sell lexicons and morphological analyzer.
10/9/1998 FONDAZIONE 
Start date of the project. Documentation for this project is here.
1/10/1998 FONDAZIONE 
Kick off meeting. Documentation for this project is here.
6/10/1998 VOX 
Kick off meeting. Documentation for this project is here.
12/10/1998 DITELO IRST automatic switchboard on internal field.
13/10/1998 APT Final report sent.
13/10/1998 GST Contacts for selling something to Omnitel. Details are here.
4/11/1998 DITELO IRST train timetable system on internal field.
31/4/1999 GST Contacts for developing a system for CUP in Trento.
18/8/1999 VocalSearch Meeting to define a possible collaboration.
20/8/1999 VocalSearch Sent them a CD with Spinet, recognizer, etc.
1/2/2000 ABLA ABLA e` ex-VocalSearch -  sembra sia stato firmato l'accordo con CartaSi` per 60 canali. Si spera per fine anno di arrivare a 240!!!!
9/2/2000 KATAWEB Arriva l'informazione (informale)che hanno accettato l'offerta di 80 milioni di progetto e 200 milioni di licenza annuale. Se va in porto sul serio, e` un bel colpaccio!!
16/2/2000 GST/Argentea Si rifanno vivi per l'idea del CUP. Staremo a vedere.

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