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170 - Italy Direct

Both services allow an Italian user (user A) to communicate with another Italian user (user B), without interact with a foreign operator. Either user A or user B is in a foreign country. Briefly, user A calls an Italian operator, introduces himself, and gives him the telephone number of user B. Then the operator calls user B and asks if he accept a collect call from user A. If yes, user A and B are connected.

Service "170": calls from Italy to abroad with operator;

Service "Italy Direct": calls from abroad to Italy with Italian operator;

These services can be realized by means of an automatic system POA, which consists of the following basic modules:

an interface to the public exchange UT100;

an automata which controls the interaction flow;

a speech recognizer for digit sequences and confirmations;

Other features are: DTMF recognition, rec and play capability, possibility to connect the user with an operator in case of recognition failure.

A typical call is first passed to a POA, which interacts (possibly using DTMF) with user A. After some minor informations, the telephone number of user B is requested and digit recognition is performed. A confirmation phase follows. If user A does not confirm the number within a predefined number of trials (usually 2 or 3), the call is passed to an operator, otherwise the POA calls user B, which has either to accept or to refuse the incoming call.

At present, about 104 POA are working in the public exchange of Acilia, Roma. Field data are under collection in order to evaluate and possibly improve the system.

The POA has been implemented in collaboration with AT System and Italtel, under the operating system SCO-UNIX. Following this link you will find their description of this system.

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