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Caritro - automatic voice dialing by name

Recently an automatic voice dialing system has been realized for "Caritro", a Bank of Trento. The system can recognize the names of all the Bank employers (about 600) and branches (about 50). It performs a transfer call after a confirmation by the user.

The automatic speech recognizer of IRST has been embedded into "Infovox", an environment for developing computer telephony applications, that makes use of a graphical interface designed and realized by a software Company (ALCEO) of Venice (Italy).

At present, the system has been installed in the headquarters of the Bank and is only used by the Bank employers. It can handle some different ways of asking informations, such as: "I want to speak to Mr. Smith", "hello could you give me Mr. Smith?", "could I talk to Mr. Smith?", ..., etc. Data acquisition is under way in order both to evaluate and improve performance.

  Last update 10/3/1998 - Maintainer Roberto Gretter